URM (Urgent Repairs & Maintenance) Org

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URM (Urgent Repairs & Maintenance) Org


Business overview

RM stands for Urgent Repairs & Maintenance and ORG means organisation which is run by 'EPHG Limited’ EPHG Ltd is a 24-hour emergency electrical service providing a contractor to you within 2-hours unless unless mentioned otherwise. Our duty of service is 'Urgent Repairs & Maintenance'. By using our services, you agree to our terms by visiting the website and clicking on the terms > terms by clauses and price plan. When you call us, we take a non-refundable call-out fee subject to the terms. Our aim is to get a contractor out to you within 2-hours unless agreed otherwise and most of the time, we can get an engineer over to you within the hour. We cover most domestic and commercial electrical faults. If there's ever a problem, the company is very understanding and will do our upmost to try get the service at the highest level possible. Once a booking is made, we will try to send you either and email or a text message which acts as your receipt and confirmation of the booking. An invoice could also be requested seperately. We then organise the contractor and get him on route as to the agreed time. After we send the text to the engineer, we will then try to send another text message to you which will have the contractors name, phone number, an ETA, copy of the job description and the attending address of which we will ask you on how you got on with the engineer that had attended.


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